After owning a number of production steel bikes I knew I loved the way steel rode and felt, but nothing fit me just right. So I decided to pull the trigger and get a custom steel bike made. I first became aware of Elephant Bikes (Glen Copus/Spokane, Wa) from J.T. Fountain and Neon Jet. Glen has a long history with bikes, from racing BMX as a child to eventually building for Serotta and Bontrager.

I wanted a “Endurance” type road bike that incorporated classic aesthetics, painted classic black. The tubing is full Columbus life. Since my shoulder surgery I have had to sit more upright so I asked for a extended head tube. Some extras I added were a chain catcher and rear fender mounts. It’s set up with a Sram Rival group sans brake calipers, which are Dura Ace 7800. I topped it off with what I felt were quality components all around.

I am extremely pleased with the way the bike came out. I can’t wait to log in some serious miles on her once I fully recover from knee surgery!

Thanks Glen!

elephant0elephant1 elephant2 elephant3 elephant4 elephant5 elephant6 elephant7 copy elephant8elepahant9elephant10

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A few shots from the Portland Design Works Omnium at the Alpenrose VelodromeIMG_6636 1 copy IMG_6642 copy IMG_6643 copy

IMG_6649 copy IMG_6650 copy IMG_6667 copy IMG_6672 copyIMG_6645 copyIMG_6676 copy IMG_6679 copy

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Part of the MLS all Star weekend, Volkswagen brought fast cycling excitement for spectators to enjoy right in downtown Portland’s Park blocks with the Stumptown Crtierium. A big addition to the race was a open women’s category. The criterium sat in the shadow of the infamous, now defunct “Twilight Criterium” which did not include a women’s field. This USAC sanctioned race included a large payout (12 deep in the men’s cat) which attracted near by pros in both men’s and women’s fields. Two hundred dollar preems in the men’s 1/2/3 brought speeds of up to 43 mph.

IMG_6626 IMG_6620 IMG_6580 IMG_6569 IMG_6550 IMG_6540 IMG_6532 IMG_6528 IMG_6502 IMG_6481 IMG_6501

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Daniel Lurvey recently headed back to good ol’ Canada for school. Before he left we rushed to shoot his new Cielo Sportif Racer. With our schedules conflicting we had one chance to meet, and it happen to be one of the worst times of days to shoot photos. You can’t win ‘em all, but i’m still excited we got a chance to meet up. Best of luck Lurvey!

Follow Lurvey and his adventures here.

Also: Don’t hate on his seat angle. He likes it there.


IMG_6385 copycopyIMG_6396 copyIMG_6393 copy IMG_6375 copy IMG_6374 copy IMG_6416 copy

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I had the pleasure of being one of the ninjas for PDW’s promo video for their new mini pump and c02 inflator.

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Unable to sleep the night before night from knee pain, I managed to get to the Rapha Portland office and snap some wobbly portraits of a few of the ladies participating in the Women’s 100 prior to their roll-out. Abby Watson was a little uncertain on what the attendance would be like this year, but judging by the sea of cyclists I saw behind her as they hit the first intersection – I could tell it was going to be a good day for them.

IMG_6435 copyIMG_6436 IMG_6438 IMG_6440 IMG_6443 IMG_6445IMG_6448 IMG_6450 IMG_6452 IMG_6454 IMG_6456 IMG_6458 IMG_6459 IMG_6461 IMG_6462 IMG_6464 IMG_6467 IMG_6469 IMG_6471 IMG_6476 IMG_6478


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Here are some photos from the spring Kruger’s Kermesse. I didn’t get to color correcting, so I apologize.  Better late than never!IMG_6148 IMG_6151 IMG_6153 IMG_6155 IMG_6130 IMG_6110 IMG_6101 IMG_6093 IMG_6081 IMG_6066 IMG_6056 IMG_6046 IMG_6041 IMG_6038 IMG_6035 IMG_6023 IMG_6004 IMG_5993 IMG_5972 IMG_5969


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The Mudfoot players are alway coming correct in the LA area cycling community:dirthundo1_poster2


Via a light that never goes out:

Traveling a familiar route up Hwy 39 a left a turn finds a closed trail scarred by the 2009 Station Fire. 25 miles of dirt to Red Box, a climb up towards Mt. Wilson, and rocky descent down Mt. Lowe finds you dirty, tired, and stoked.

Three-person team format. Email name of riders, team name, and city to:


Bring food, tubes, tools, and at least 2 water bottles. Minimal support.


Three person team?

-Yes, cause riding with friends is fun, and safe.

Minimal support?

-You are responsible for yourself and your teammates. Bring at least 2 tubes, food (lots of it), and 2 bottles of water. There is a 35-mile stretch with no water, most the elevation gain will happen there. Some trail magic might come your way but don’t count on it. Bailout points are non-existent for most of the ride.

Cyclocross bike?

-Yes, don’t be ‘that guy’. This ride has been done on a road bike with 700×23 tires. Was it fun? Of course. Was it as much fun as a CX bike not spinning out and ripping on the downhill sections? Probably not.

No but really teams, food/water, CX bikes?

-Yes, the route is closed to vehicular traffic and gets confusing, the buddy system is important. The route is exposed to sunlight at all times, water and food is important and there are no places to refuel. The climbing is sustained and very loose and rocky in some sections. CX gearing will come in handy as will the traction that the tires provide. Climbing will be less painful, descending will be more fun, and the likelihood of getting a flat will be significantly less. This is not an easy ride. The dirt will beat down your body in ways that a road century doesn’t.

See you out there.

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Portland’s Velo Goods (Velo-Tech) Provided me with a pair of their LIT 360 reflective folding road tires for review.


A performance-oriented, reflective tire that’s fit for your race bike. Why choose utility over performance, or vice versa, when you can have both?

LIT designed the 360 Ultra-Reflective as the ultimate training tire for those of us who spend a fair amount of time in the saddle before and after work. With its 9mm wide reflective sidewall, it’s just the tire for riding after dark and it greatly increases the likelihood that cars will see you in low light conditions. Unlike other reflective tires, the 360 Ultra-Reflective is visible from practically directly in front and nearly directly behind. It will dramatically increase your visibility from the perspective of an approaching car when you need it most.

Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t your grandpa’s reflective tire. The 360 Ultra-Reflective is a performance-oriented training tire that weighs in at only 250 grams. LIT designed the tire with a fast-rolling rubber compound and a stout puncture protection layer. Measuring 700c x 28mm, LIT’s 360 Tire grips well and soaks up road imperfections, making it a great choice for bumpy or wet pavement. Whether you’re looking for a tire to keep you more visible in and around the city, or you’re trying to maximize your mileage after dark, the LIT 360 Ultra-Reflective is an ideal choice.

Though labeled as 700c x 28mm, we’ve actually found that these tires measure around 26mm wide on most road rims. This makes them a great option for road bikes where limited frame clearance is a concern, and also means they fit on commuting and touring bikes with fenders.

The 360 Ultra-Reflective comes in 700c x 28mm (ISO 28-622) and weighs 250 grams. Folding Bead. 127 TPI casing. Maximum inflation is 100 PSI/6.8 Bar.


Look out for a TWM review coming in the next few months.

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This one is by far my favorite. Spot on Matt!Tabtabai-Big-blog-512x654

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